Following Sydney’s Foodie Trail


With a population of over 4.5 million people, Sydney has no shortage of eateries and is right up to date with the latest foodie trends. On a recent trip to Sydney, I had a delicious time eating my way around some of the healthy cafés so I wanted to share my experiences.

DARE (Delicious and Responsible Eating), The Rocks

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This hole-in-the-wall cafe appeared at just the right time when our feet were getting sorer, our mouths were getting drier and our hunger levels were entering the ‘hangry’ zone. Tucked away in Sydney’s historic area, DARE is only a short walk from Circular Quay but lacks the same tourist frenzy. For drinks, beers are out but fresh coconuts and vegetable juices are in. We devoured a platter each of smashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, rocket and either sourdough or quinoa bread with a side of salmon. It was exactly what we felt like after a day’s walking and was fresh and delicious.

Porch and Parlour, Bondi



Having to wait 10 minutes for a table was a good sign that we were in for a treat. Overlooking the beach, you instantly become part of the ‘Bondi lifestyle’ with a green smoothie in one hand and a dog in the other while you stroll up and down the boardwalk in your ‘activewear’. Inevitably, we ordered a green smoothie to compliment our green and garden breaky bowls. The benefits of eating kale for breakfast became very clear as we walked from Bondi to Coogee afterwards with a spring in our step.


Sadhana Kitchen, Enmore

Located in the city’s outer suburbs, Sadhana Kitchen was well worth the travelling time. We ordered the ‘No-tella’ stack on sprouted bread, Açai bowl and fresh figs on sprouted bread with macadamia cheese as well as a kombucha and a slice of raw cacao raspberry brownie. Note: the nutrient dense meals are super filling so be prepared for your eyes to be bigger than your stomach! Everything was so full of flavour and even the harshest critic might be fooled by raw, vegan, gluten-free food!



Thai Fusion, Kirribilli


After walking across the Harbour Bridge we were drawn into this cute little restaurant by the heavenly smell of Thai food. We ordered a green curry, a Panang curry and a squid salad to share. The curries had a good kick of chilli but didn’t overpower the fragrant coconut milk sauce. So delicious.

About Life, Surry Hills


This is the most incredible place that is both a grocer (health food heaven!) and a self-service food bar. We followed the crowds and chose a takeaway container size to start filling with whatever took our fancy. It was so hard deciding as there was so much to choose from! There was everything you could think of, from freshly chopped veges to raw lasagne, and not to mention the sweet food like charcoal chia puddings! It is an exciting mid-week lunch option for businessmen and women in the area, although admittedly the place was lacking in men!

The Grounds, Alexandria




Walking into The Grounds on an empty stomach was like hitting the jackpot, although a fair few others shared the same idea. Having to sit outside was no disadvantage as the courtyard is beautifully set up with plants covering every surface and bunting flags lining the brick walls. We ordered the smashed avocado on toast with feta, tomato and fresh herbs from the garden and a poached chicken borlotti bean salad. For dessert, berry and green smoothies and a few long blacks!


Bills, Surry Hills

You could say that this restaurant was the least ‘wacky’ of them all. True to Bill Granger’s easy-going nature, time stood still during our dinner experience as we enjoyed the grass-fed t-bone with water-cress and fried potatoes, the raw tuna and avocado with brown rice and the yellow fish curry (guess which dish I didn’t order!). Super delicious!





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  1. Yum! I’ve taken notes for my next trip to Sydney, thanks Fiona. 🙂

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      Thank you Tonia, I could easily do this for a career! I’m sure Julia will be keen to tag along!

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