Ingredient Spotlight: Anchovies


I knew that watching every episode of Masterchef would come in handy someday. I get major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out if you’ve missed out) every time another contestant cooks with an ingredient that I haven’t used before. Recently, I got FOMO from yet another contestant cooking duck, but I had just been to the home of Duck à l’orange. So, I set my sights on getting my own piece of duck to cook with by sending a much less empty wallet down to the Butchery – sorry Mum.

These FOMO moments have also led me to discover the under-rated delicious ingredient of anchovies.

For those of you who are turning your nose up at the thought of adding a jar/ can of these beauties to your trolley next time you go shopping, keep in mind that Caesar salad, pasta puttanesca and the best authentic pizzas all have 1 thing in common that make them so damn good – anchovies! Oh, and don’t forget that you wouldn’t get very far cooking Asian food without fish sauce that packs some seriously good flavour thanks to the anchovies.

Did you know Worcestershire sauce for marinades, dressings and even cocktails is made from fermented anchovies? Next time you’re drinking a Bloody Mary, you might feel a bit better about doing it knowing that you’re getting a source of omega – 3 fats at the same time!

Anchovies melt when they’re heated so you won’t even know they are there. You can also use them mashed up in dressings, on toast and in pesto but they are seriously amazing in an omelette! Being such a small fish, anchovies are the most sustainable type of seafood and should replace tuna as a commonly consumed source of omega – 3. You can even use the oil from the jar!



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  1. Impressive blog! You are very clever. Love you. Mum xx

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    1. Thanks love you too! x

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