An Italian Feast

Are you hungry?



Not really.

I don’t think I can move.

While we were in Italy we were lucky enough to be taken out for a traditional 4 course meal by our Kiwi-Italian friends. This is one for the bucket list I tell you.

We sat outside on a warm Italian summer’s night at around 8.30 pm and didn’t leave until midnight! Everyone can definitely learn a thing or 2 from the Italians about how to eat slooowwllyyy! The long table had endless amounts of sparkling/ ‘gas’ water (I could never get used to the European way of drinking water since I have always had access to the cleanest tap water in the world), ‘normal’ water, Prosecco (an Italian white sparkling wine) and grissini (breadsticks). But beware! For anyone like me who was a multi-course meal amateur, do not be tempted to fill up on wine or bread, because after the 1st course the food came in thick and fast!

Every new course was served up on a clean white plate and looked deceptively small. But by the last course, us 1 course foreigners realised that our stomachs were seriously struggling! The food was just so delicious and there was no way you could say no to the hostess!

Antipasto (before pasta) – part 1

Prosciutto crudo & Salame – local salami and delicious dry – cured ham


Antipasto – part 2

Grissini and Vitello Tonnato – cooked veal with tuna mayonnaise


Antipasto – part 3

Lingua in Salsa Verde – ox tongue with a green herb sauce

Ox Tongue

Il Primo – pasta or rice course

Agnolotti con ragù di carne – local filled pasta to the Piedmont region with meat sauce


 Or.. blueberry pasta with a sage leaf – yes you read that right!

Blueberry Pasta

Contorno – a side dish of vegetables

Ratatouille – Mediterranean stewed veges


Il Secondo – the main course

La Finanziera – an old Piemontese dish of veal brain, rooster crest and veal bone marrow! Not for the faint hearted!

Or Spezzatino di Faraona – Guinea-fowl casserole with a green bean contorno (the vegetables are served separately)


Il Dessert – you made it to the last course!

Most people wouldn’t believe their eyes when a trolley comes out with 4 different desserts to choose from!

Crème caramel

la 900 – a local chocolate cake to the Saronsella region

Pesche ripiene con amaretti – grilled peaches filled with crushed Italian macaroons

Blueberry tart 

A big thank you to Di, Claudio and Tom for giving us a ‘taste’ of the local culture, and an extra thank you to Di for giving me all the information for this post!



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  1. Ciao Fiona! Loved your post! What a fun night we had sampling the local delicacies! I agree ‘La Finanziera’ is not for the faint-hearted! So glad you enjoyed it. Arriverdeci alla prossima! xx Di

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