When Fiona Met European Food


Instead of facing another month of wearing the same jeans, puffer jacket and boots combo that showed no skin below my neck, I packed my suitcase for a long, hot summer.

30 hours and 1 stop over later, 3 bedraggled Kiwis turned up in the UK to take on Europe for 3 weeks.

It is fair to say that the family and I happily ate our way around England, Italy and France, to the extent that we literally didn’t do museums or art galleries. Hold on! Don’t panic! Do you really think the best way to experience Europe is to stand in a queue for 4 hours where all you can see is the person in front of you? Or, you could use your precious time to go where the locals go, do what the locals do, but more importantly, eat what the locals eat!

I am a self – confessed seafood addict, so wherever we went my eyes went straight for the seafood dish on the menu – I even ordered fish at a Chop House! There’s a reason that there are 100’s of studies that promote the Mediterranean diet!


How can you not become cultured when you find out that juniper berries and salmon are a match made in heaven?!

Juniper Salmon

Seriously, look at these babies!! Who would have ever thought that chargrilled prawns and squid would be one of the best meals I have ever eaten?!


More squid – definitely not frozen or imported!


I was even pretty happy just eating a piece of tuna!


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