Hungry For Change

I recently watched the documentary “Hungry for Change” (find it here) after being shown part of it in a Nutrition lecture. The film focussed on Mexico as it is a main contributor of the ‘globesity’ crisis due to 30% of Mexico’s 124 million people being obese.


Alejandro Junger shared some interesting facts, which I have summarised here:

1. The Food Industry’s marketing lies to you, as it promises that you will become sexy, popular and cool but you actually become obese, miserable and sick
2. People are “barking up the wrong tree” by looking for superficial results, without considering how easy it is to look, think and feel better from the inside out
3. Diets have failure built right into them
4. The average American eats more than 68 kg (150 pounds) of sugar and sweeteners every year (the same weight as an average teenager)
5. Processed foods aren’t made to be healthy as only need to look good, make a max profit and last ages so all the wrong kinds of foods are available that the body doesn’t recognise. This causes fat storage (spare tyres!) as the body’s only means of dealing with the ‘food like products’ unlike real food that the body recognises and can easily process.
6. Chronic starvation of all vital nutrients is common today, so our cells cannot even carry out their most basic functions, therefore are compromised from a diet lacking in real food and the body remains hungry until its needs are fulfilled
7. Diet coke contains Aspartame and caffeine which when put together kills brain cells
8. An ‘office job lifestyle’ may not be so bad on its own but when combined with processed food consumption day in and day out is a recipe for disaster – proved by NZ 2013 stats where 1 in 3 adults and 1 in 9 children are classed as obese.

Just some food for thought but I would definitely recommend giving the movie a watch 🙂

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